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  • Timothy Bruce

Y’all come back now!!

So just under 700 miles later we arrived at the end of our journey and we all met up on the beach for some final photos and farewells as a number of us were moving on!

What a great bunch of people, from differing backgrounds and outlooks but we melded together to form an effective team that left behind a trail of blessings and testimonies of God’s goodness. Our lives were enhanced by working together from a principal to live simply for a few days so that others could simply live in their homes.

Many different states from the USA were represented plus one guy from across the pond! We only had two weeks together but we have a lifetime of memories to enjoy. Roll on the next ride in the summer. So ended the Gulf Coast ride

Various other photos were taken and then I headed to the car for a trip to stay with Wendy & Murphy and the second part of my adventure!

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