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Equipping for a worship lifestyle

I often run worship workshops and teaching sessions on worship where I facilitate a group discussion looking at what 'worship' represents. If you think that worship is something you do on Sundays, then think again, as worship needs to be something we do all the time.

Sometimes I can focus on singers and musicians and help build a toolbox for creating a 'flow in worship' and allowing people to express themselves in new ways.

if you would like me to come and explain things, please get in touch by the email section on the home page

Up and coming events


10th January - Restoration Blueprint Meeting Via Zoom

24th January - Restoration Blueprint Meeting at Via Zoom

14th February - Restoration Blueprint Meeting Via Zoom

28th February - Restoration Blueprint Meeting Via Zoom

14th March - Restoration Blueprint Meeting Via Zoom

28th March - Restoration Blueprint Meeting via Zoom

Future meetings with Restoration Blueprint will be reviewed in the light of government policy towards places of worship

9th July to 8th August - Charity Bike Ride in America

3rd Sept to 19th Sept - Charity Bike Ride in England

TBC - Ireland Ministry Tour

The Journey of a Worshipper

Tim's book about his experiences in facilitating worship

TBM Recording Studio

The TBM recording studio at home is increasingly having people coming in to record their own material and I produce recordings they can then use to promote themselves and their music. During the last year I have had the following friends in using the studio:

  • Martin Jones

  • Martin Smith - (not the guy from Delirious? - yet!)

  • Bobby & James Coates

  • Derek Tripp

I now have a number of other people interested in coming into the studio in 2019 and, with my retirement from full-time work planned to happen in this year, I will be able to devote more time to producing music. If you would be interested in making use of the studio for the glory of God, please contact me through the e-mail facility on the home page

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This book is an ongoing task that started in 2019 and Tim is hoping to complete most of the text in 2021

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