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Find Your Voice - The background to the 1st Album

In a friends' home in a little village called Faulkland, just south of Bath, England, I first met Joe and Laura Corry, ministers from a church in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. This was 13 years ago in 2008, when our friends, Andy & Patti, had invited Joe and Laura over to England and had set up a meeting with a few friends. Out of this event we formed Restoration Blueprint and a bunch of us have been working together ever since. Joe has an incredible gifting in prophesy and without me giving any background to my musical experience, he spoke about me playing music, travelling and releasing worship albums.


In 2010 I was first introduced to the music of Julian Wiggins through a couple of albums Elaine had purchased and his music was an inspiration to me. During 2011, I spent a fair time in Ireland playing at revival conferences and I would often play Julian's music between sessions and many people would come up to me and ask, "What is that great music?" Towards the end of 2011 I finally met with Julian at a conference in London and told him that I had this prophetic word about doing an album and he offered to meet with me to discuss it. Wow! The door of opportunity had been opened!


Eventually in December 2012, through my discussions with Julian, I arrived at Richard Lewis's studio in Cardiff to finally start work on the album. Richard and I described the process as starting with a large painting canvas and using my piano playing as setting some background colour to each track. Then inviting other musicians to add some of their own colour but leave sufficient space to allow others to add their own finish.


The whole approach to the music was to allow each musician to express themselves rather than a prescribed  arrangement, with the exception of the title track where a formal string arrangement was developed by Richard using my composition. In some cases, it was months after the recording I met with some of the musicians and I am so pleased I trusted them because they have added so much more than I could have imagined or written myself. I also believe there are some Kingdom of God principles in how that could be applied to the Church - 'letting every joint to supply'


We present a 'completed' album but only you must now complete it by adding your own voice or instrument to worship the Lord - so 'Sing to the Lord a NEW Song', as encouraged by King David in Psalm 96 & 98!

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In Honour of the Father - The background to the 2nd Album

My second album is, in part, a tribute to my father who passed away in May 2017 and contains both instrumental and song tracks. It was my dad's enthusiasm for music which resulted in me learning to play and enjoying music so much. My dad was big jazz fan so some of the tracks have a jazz influence but there is still a heart of worship behind each track.


Julian Wiggins has produced this album and whilst it is different from the first album, I hope to keep something of the feel to first album. This time I have introduced three songs and a poem that which have come from my recent times with the Lord.

It has been a privilege to have Tim Bannister, Terl Bryant and Richard Lewis involved with the music, as well as members of the family involved with Peter, Elaine & Kimberley all contributing. Finally, Julian has brought his gifting to this album and it feels like a natural progression of the journey I have been on since the first album. I hope you enjoy it!

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