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Week 3 - The journey towards the Big Apple 🍎

Sorry for the delay in publishing this but last time you read my blog, we ended up in Virginia Beach, somewhat unsurprisingly in Virginia. Over this week we have seen another 296 miles added to the tour, 2 more ferry journeys, a shuttle across a bay and 4 separate states visited. In the main, the weather has been great but our journey through New York was accompanied by rain and thunder. We took the long rumbles of thunder as a round of applause from heaven for our achievements on the tour with almost 1,000 miles completed!! 😁

It seems incredible that we are now commencing our final week of the tour and increasingly, the days seem to whizz by as the end line draws ever nearer. Nevertheless another week of events have taken place which will live long in the memory and more friendships created that will live for a lifetime. What’s not to like?!?!

The week started off with 3 of us staying at the church whilst everyone, along with their bikes, were shuttled across the Chesapeake Bay to commence an 80 miles ride to Pocemoke in Maryland. Once the trailer and minibus had been emptied, it returned to the church to pick us up, along with everyone’s luggage, bedding and food supplies. We were then shipped to the first rest stop to help catch up with everyone, which meant we only did 54 miles of the 80. Nevertheless we were still 30 minutes behind the last people at that point.

The three of us crushed out the miles and by the second rest stop, we were only 10 minutes behind and then we caught up and the end of the ride we were in the middle of the arrivals at the church in Pocemoke, Maryland. Very satisfying given we started 90 minutes than everyone else.

We were treated very specially by our hosts and each rider received a goodie bag and enough food to feed an army - so much for trying to loose weight while on the ride!!

The next day took us to Lewes in Delaware with a great section along the coastline and an overnight stay at the American Legion Building, which introduced me to game of ‘Cornhole’.

This is a popular in North America in which players or teams take turns throwing square bean bags at a raised, angled board with a hole in its far end. The goal of the game is to score points by either landing a bag on the board (one point) or putting a bag through the hole (three points). They even have professional leagues of this game here!

The following morning we had a short ride to the ferry port in Lewes for the journey to New Jersey, along with a simple ride 23 mile from the port to a church in Ocean View. Given that our timeframe was dictated by the ferry journey, this represented a lie in, compared to other days - most welcome!!

The next day was followed by a 91 mile ride to Manasquan, making up for the short ride the previous day. Then the following day we took another ferry journey into New York, passing the Statue of Liberty on the way.

Regrettably it was raining on our arrival so we had to ride through Manhattan, Central Park, Harlem and The Bronx in the wet weather but by the time we arrived in New Rochelle, the rain had abated but by then most of us we pretty soaked. It was interesting that all my American friends were quite happy for me to take the lead as we cycled through these areas - perhaps I was the bait?!?

Saturday was a Build Day and I worked on a property where the your young daughter had lost both her parents and was caring for here brother who had autism. As a result, the property needed a fair amount of work.

Finally on the Sunday, we had a day off and we had the chance to return to downtown New York and take in a baseball game at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, as the Yankees were out of town.

After the game, we returned to the church where once again I was rolled out to provide a short time of praise and worship but this time in a Catholic Church in New York. A great time with just a few people in a wonderful setting.

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