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Training for the Charity Ride in July

Only 2 weeks to go until I travel down to Cornwall to start my 2024 Charity Bike Ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats. This is the ultimate bike ride in this country and is just over 1,000 miles in 2 weeks. As a result I have been pressing out the training miles and doing a fair bit of climbing.

To help me achieve this task I have brought along ‘Bonnie’ as she is a much lighter bike and I’m able to climb hills that I have previously struggled to do without feeling exhausted. Bonnie is therefore going to take me Bonnie Scotland in July and I’m really excited about seeing more of this wonderful country.

Finally, I have set up a funding page to seek to raise money for 3 separate charities as I prefer to use this ride to make a real difference. I have paid for all the costs of doing this ride myself and I’m grateful to be joined by two other friends so every pound raised through the funding page will be shared between the charities. So excited to have raised a good amount already but my heart is to raise as much as possible, so join with me in making this happen.

Many thanks and watch out for more blogs as the ride nears and starts on 14th July 2024

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