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Time for the Rodeo - Yeehaw!!!!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

So having been able to sleep in a bed again and enjoyed a steak dinner the night before, I was on my ways to Houston Rodeo which gives everyone the chance to become, or at least experience, what cowboy and cowgirls get up to sometimes! As you will see, getting a sore backside from riding a bike is nothing to compare with riding a bucking bronco or bull!! If I tried some of the things, they do, I would end up in hospital!!

Walking around the massive complex of buildings you could immediately tell you were in Texas! Texas does not do mediocre or small!!!!

Everythang, and I do mean everythang, is massive and you have to show you are Texan. So…… while in Texas…..!!!

(I’m not so sure about the Scottish Thistle but, for Elaine’s sake, I did not go with the full outfit with new shirt and cowboy boots - at least ‘some’ self restraint there!!)

In the shopping area there was a massive sweet shop, as sponsored by the American Dentist Association. (Only joking!)

There were enough clothing items for most of Africa but there were a number of craft stalls and I was particularly taken with this painting! I decided against paying the $1800 for the original painting but did buy a print which I will aim to bring back to England. Those eyes just follow you everywhere.

Then having bought some breakfast (Hot Dog) and lunch (doughnuts), we headed to the fantastic NRG Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, American Football Team 🏈. Despite the various food stalls inside the stadium we managed to make our way to some seats without consuming beer, coke and any massive amount of food - in fact, nothing until well after the event. (Thereby avoiding any further expansion of the waistline - at least for the time being!)

So began the Rodeo, after the parading of the flags, pledge of allegiance and the national. Anthem, accompanied by loads of red, white and blue.

So we then moved on to various cowboy/girl skills! [I will try to make the videos work but this may not happen immediately]

Once the Rodeo was completed, the stage was then rolled out and a country & western singer, Dierks Bentley, and his band fill the stadium.

Due to my complete ignorance of this music genre I can count the number of hits this guy has had on my sixth finger - oh, I don’t have one!! Nevertheless, good fun and plenty of good tracks to help keep the foot tapping, if only I knew how to speak the language! But I did make out, “drunk on a plane”, so some good wholesome entertainment then!

We finally made our way home, stopping off for a ‘bite to eat’ on the way home. My bed managed to cope with my additional weight after consuming 1lb beef burger and fries and the good news is that I woke up the following morning, without a cardiac arrest!!

Not a bad for a first day at being a Englishman in Texas!

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