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The Last Barrier removed!

Yey! I went into Bath this morning to have my pre-flight antigen test carried out and it has come back as negative so I am all set for my flight to the USA tomorrow!!

I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of seeing some of my friends that I have not seen since either August or October 2019 and then making some new friends as we cycle just under 700miles from Florida to Texas. If you would be interested in supporting us, please go to my funding page for my summer ride and become part of the adventure:

I really love this housing charity as you get to see the impact of the work you do on the faces of those who are either homeless or lost their home to some natural disaster or due to health or mobility issues they are unable to make the repairs to their homes. The photos below are the before and after of Tiffany’s home in Alabama which we helped rebuild in October 2019 after she lost both her home and her parents to a tornado in March of the same year.

For me this was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life and I hope there are many more events like this to come. This is what your contributions are all about, they are not funding my jaunts around the globe, Elaine and I cover that element of things. All your money goes to the Charity. ❤️

Now that I have also tested out my IPad (this test came out positive!), I can use this to provide some blogs of my up and coming cycling adventrues. No need to take a laptop this time. 😁

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