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Sorry about that!!

If you had been following my blogs while I cycled across America last year, you would have been suprised that the blogs suddenly stopped or were lagging behind on where we were on the journey. By the time I arrived in Washington DC, I was still stuck in Illinois on my blog!

I have always meant to catch up but, as you can tell, I never did it!! I'm so sorry!

I will post shortly the final blog I drafted whilst in America, as it has been there for some months and I rather liked the title I came up with.

Sufficient to say that this Bike Adventure from the start of June to Mid-August 2019, has been the adventure of a lifetime! I have made some great new friends and we have continued to converse with one another through Facebook and Messenger.

However.........., I bring you tidings of great joy!! (for me anyway!) I will be back in America in the summer of 2020 when I aim to cycle North to South from the Canadian Border, down to the Mexican Border along the West Coast. Again this will be for the Fuller Center for Housing and I aim to raise another $3,000.

In September 2020 I will also be hosting a number of my new friends from America as some 18 fly over to join me in some cycling adventures here in England.

This blog is, therefore, to invite you to join in these escapades and share the experience of new and growing friendships, as together we seek to raise funds to meet the vast housing needs that exist around the world.

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