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  • Timothy Bruce

Right! Time to relax!!

Today was a marked change in pace to the last two weeks with the chance to sit down, catch up on blogs and relax after taking Rosie for walk with Murphy.

Rosie is 16years old and only bounces if she meets another dog wanting to play, otherwise she is a rather sedate lady dog wandering round with us as we walked round the island that Wendy & Murphy live on.

Every house is unique and varies in age, design and colour but there are some wonderful touches too, which enhance the attraction of the area

This 3bed stilted house is for sale at $375k (<£280k) but I don’t think I will be moving here in the near future somehow with all our kids living close by in England and grandparent duties only likely to increase over time. Nevertheless, the attraction is still there

Every evening locals gather to watch the sun setting over this bay and enjoy a beer or a soda together. I can’t see that happening back in Chilcompton anytime soon. This is a nice place with a great community spirit!

I love the flower beds outside the community swimming pool but they could do with some attention!!

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