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Packing it in to unpackage my next adventure

Updated: May 22, 2023

So today I started to pack my things ready for my next cycling adventure in the United States and staying within the weight limits is not a problem but packing everything into a case is tricky!!

included in the case are the following:

Sleeping Bag

Air mattress


Cycling helmet

Cycling shoes

Cycling shorts, socks, tops, gloves, glasses, Garmin and waterproof top

Spare tubes and replacement tyre

Storage unit for bike, lock, tyre levers, Bluetooth speaker & pump

Clothes for the work days

Clothes for attending church



Wash things



Laundry bag

Covid test kit & masks

Electric adaptors


Rechargeable battery backup for phone


All done and within the weight restrictions.

I have the advantage of taking a cabin case too which I can leave at my friends home in Atlanta which offers me some fresh clothes after we return from the ride. Along the way there is likely to be with some new kit that will be provided on the ride which can be squeezed in on the way home.

I will spend tomorrow with Elaine and Hank before travelling to the airport on Tuesday Morning. Nearly there but ready to go!!

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