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  • Timothy Bruce

One week down and not many uphills in the process!

Fun first week, riding with the Fuller Center. We rode just under 400 miles from Tybee Island in Georgia to Wilmington, North Carolina, with notable stops in Savannah and Charleston, traversing South Carolina in the process.

The East Coast ride is also being called Light to Light as there is a lighthouse in both Tybee Island and Portland in Maine, our destination. Things started off with a rather damp ride on the first day from Tybee Island to Savannah and everyone was completely soaked by the time we arrived.

The weather improved as the days progressed and we stopped at Fuller Center Walterboro to work on three houses. I got to work on Miss Dolly’s house repairing her access ramp and cleaning up her garden. I was put in charge of the pressure washer which, as both Elaine and my neighbours know, I’m well qualified in, as it probably comes out too often at home!

On our ride into Charleston we were given a police escort in the city as we crossed a bridge with a metal grid base and we had to walk across as it was too dangerous to ride. The police officer was Sergeant Charles Bruce!

The ride to Sunset Beach involved a ride across a spectacular bridge and a venture to the beach (Karen was very excited!!) and a stop at an ice cream shop - life is good!!

The ride into Wilmington was great as we got to ride with Connor and Beth Ciment (veteran Fuller riders - they met on a cross-country ride) and got to ride a ferry for 4 miles of scenic waterways. We all met up at Connor & Beth’s for a BBQ meal together in the evening

Today is a day off (most welcome) but also a chance to go to church, where a lady gave me a $100 in sponsorship - love it!!

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