• Timothy Bruce

Not a great start! 🥺

Updated: Mar 16

About 8.30pm last night I received a message from my airline that my first flight of the day from Bristol in England to Amsterdam in the Netherlands was delayed by two hours from 6.00am to 7.55am, meaning that I would miss all my subsequent connecting flights to the USA. Guess what, the Customer Service Centre I was recommended to contact closed at 8.00pm and would not open again until 8.00am!!!! - Bad timing or what??!

Well, this rather wound me up to such a level that I could not sleep. So here I am at Bristol airport, waiting for my flight at 7.55am with the prospect of having to spend 24hr at Amsterdam airport to finally fly to America tomorrow and arrive 24hr later than orignally planned. I have contacted the hotel in Panama City to let them know I will not be turning up today!

However, in order to make the most of my ‘holiday in Amsterdam’ I intend to book into the KLM Lounge and try to grab some sleep before my flights tomorrow and/or watch some movies/watch tv in Dutch! By the time I arrive in America I should either be speaking fluent Dutch or caught up on some sleep! Elaine will no doubt confirm that my sleeping skills rather eclipse my language skills so I think I know how this will work out!!💤😴

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