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I’m gonna be in the USA today but not all the way

I have managed to obtain a flight to Atlanta from Amsterdam today so by early evening I’ll be in the States. Need to find some accommodation though but I have a plan for that, so watch this space.

This is the city I came to in 1994 for a major game tiddlywinks that goes under the name of the Super Bowl. The second consecutive game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills which had the same result with the Bills losing a Super Bowl for the fourth consecutive time. I was pulling for the Bills as they were a great team but they had a very conservative coach and, in the Super Bowl, that mix does not work. Sorry Marv Levy but you had the ball in the red zone with the last few plays before half-time and all you did was to try to run the ball in with Turman Thomas. So sorry for QB Jim Kelly as with the first possession of the second half Dallas scored a touchdown and they never lost the lead.

So Tim Bruce will be back in town for the third time as came through Atlanta when I came the Millard Fuller Legacy Build in Alabama (2019). Watch out, Tim’s about!

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