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How time has flown by! It's now 2022!!

I cannot believe it is over 18 months since my last blog! It has been quite a journey as we all passage our way through this global pandemic, with disappointments and cancellations along the way. Much frustration as we learn to adjust our lives so that we think more about our community and our neighbours than we do about our ourselves. Our thinking has had to change to a different set of parameters. If I had been asked if I would like Corona, I would have said "Oh yes please, a bottle of beer would be great!" If I had walked into a bank with a mask, I would have been arrested, rather than be greeted with a smile! How things have changed!!

I have kept myself motivated by cycling virtual challenges, as I have previously mentioned, and now have quite a few under my belt. In total, I have mapped out some 4100 miles through completing the following challenges:

  1. Lands End to John O'Groats

  2. The Ring of Kerry in Ireland

  3. The Grand Canyon

  4. Hadrian's Wall in England

  5. The Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada

  6. Mount Fuji in Japan

I am planning a series of new rides in 2022 and hopefully some of these will not have to be virtual rides but actually in the intended location and alongside other riders.

The first of these is in a few weeks when I aim to fly back to the USA to ride 700 miles in 2weeks from Florida to Texas, along the Gulf Coast. This will be another ride with the Fuller Center for Housing when once again I will be doning the bright orange shirts and riding alongside new and existing friends. We will also be stopping along the way to undertake some building work on 3 days as part of a disaster relief effort so why don't you join me for the adventure as I aim to keep up a blog along the way. Itwill be fun, I promise!

Happy 2022 everyone and may you enjoy some new adventures this year too!!

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