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  • Timothy Bruce

Here we go!!

After the eventful journey to get here we finally started our charity bike ride from Florida to Texas and we started fairly easily with a 25 mile cruise along the coast. For those of you following from England, the weather here, as you will see is a little different! 🤠

After meeting up together and discussed cycling safety and how to communicate with other riders, we set off on our journey

Given the time of year this is the Mardi Gras festival time and there was many colours on display, especially at this post office.

Having arrived at our host church my team were put in charge of catering for some 25 people so I played to my strengths and made a spaghetti bolognese, using plenty of vegetables. No one has died yet so this is a good sign! In fact, there was even some compliments - miracles will never cease as there was no red wine or mustard from my usual recipe!

My\ culinary skills will be on show tomorow again so join me again for my cooking masterclass for catering for long-distance cyclists. We only have 88 miles planned for tomorrow’s ride so everyone is likely to be famished! No pressure there then!!

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