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Happy New Year! Oh, Ouch!!

2023 ended and 2024 started with back pains and hence my cycling has rather ground to a halt. However, this has been offset by the arrival of a new baby in the home, only this one has four legs and a waggy tail!!

Right now I'm updating the website and starting to prepare for this year's adventures.

In July I will be cycling from Land's End in Cornwall, all the way to John O'Groats on the northern tip of Scotland, over 14 days. I will joined by Gareth, a church friend going back many years, and Jeff, a cycling friend from Florida, who I first met in 2019.

Then in August, I will be hosting a total of 28 friends from America over 2 weeks in Killarney, in County Kerry in Ireland. I have booked a property on the borders of Killarney National Park and we will accommodate 18 people per week, with some coming for a fortnight and others just a week. It promises to be a great time, including a trip to the Skellig Islands, now made famous as the island inhabited by Luke Skywalker, from the Star Wars Films! You don't really need a spacecraft to get there, a boat will do!! But it might to faster!!

Catch up again soon

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