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Florida to ‘Sweet Home’ Alabama

Day 2 of the tour found me cycling with Murphy and Mary Beth but as the miles slid under my tyres I felt a migraine coming on. By mile 50 I was becoming dizzy and needed to stop riding for a while. Mary Beth prayed for me and just as she was finishing a man in a silver car, with a chrome cross on the side pulled over on the road. We explained that I had a migraine, which may have been brought on by caffeine withdrawal, dehydration or a combination of both. The guy, John, jumped back into his car and shot off only to return with medicine and bottles of coke. We thanked him as he drove off!

By mile 62 the headache had gone but I was still a little wobbly so I decided to take the support vehicle to the church and try to rest up.

As a result my culinary skills were substituted by buying in a dozen large pizzas, which went down a treat, accompanied by salad - yum! observational note: why is it that so few acknowledge they like Hawaiian pizza - ham and pineapple but it was the first to disappear?!!

Photos from Day 2

Day 3 - some strong headwinds as we made our way through Penninsula to the Dauphin Island Ferry.

I decided to push on the pace at the start of the ride today and was able to keep up with some of the faster riders until my energy levels started to wain but nevertheless came in to the Ferry 6th fastest. Not that this is a race but it is sometimes good to set yourself goals, if only to find that my average speed was the slowest of all the days so far!! This was in part due to very strong headwinds.

Day 3 Photos

Around the halfway point we started a trail which was wonderful which eventually led us to the Ferry to Dauphin Island

Those at the front of the ferry did have the occasional dousing of sea water, which needed to be washed off the bikes when we arrived at the church.

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