• Timothy Bruce

Final Preparations

Time moves on and now Iā€™m less than 12hrs from leaving home and I continue to cross things off my to do list, which continues to grow!!

ā€¢ All the insurances are in place, including travel, medical and bike šŸ‘

ā€¢ I took my car to two garages today having suddenly realised that my Car MOT ran out while I was going to be in the States! šŸ‘

ā€¢ My bike is all packed up and in the car šŸ‘

ā€¢ My case is packed except my wash things and fresh clothes are ready for dressing tomorrow morning šŸ‘

ā€¢ My flight bag is ready except my final things in the morning like my phone and charger šŸ‘

ā€¢ All my travel docs and passport are in the bag too šŸ‘

Can I have a rest now? Iā€™m exhausted šŸ˜“

I will keep you posted as things progress on the journey tomorrow

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