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Final Day in Texas before the flight home

My last day with Wendy & Murphy consisted of a series of drives to visit various restaurants and shops and a visit to the biggest gas station I’ve every seen - Buc-ee’s. I lost count of the number of filling points and the shop was a forest of sweets, snacks, drinks, clothes and everything you need in life, plus a bit more!! The Beaver 🦫 Buc-ee was everywhere. Here he is trying to steal my wallet!!

You will see from the lady below, there is no such thing as a small portion and there was enough food to feed an army and even the restrooms were big enough to accommodate an entire battalion! I hate to think of the energy costs of running this place but we are in the capital of the oil industry in the USA 🇺🇸

One of the other stops we went to was to a bike shop where I ‘went to investigate the cost of bikes in America’ and somehow ended up buying one! (There’s a surprise!!) Well, it was much cheaper than buying the same bike in England and I don’t have to pack it up and bring it to America each time I do a ride. Many thanks to Greg at the shop who has agreed to set up the bike and then Wendy and Murphy will bring it to Slidell, ready for my next ride in the summer along the Underground Railroad from New Orleans to Cleveland.

(The yellow pedals were just to allow me to test the bike)

My friend Mark Murphy, he of the overnight stay in Atlanta, has agreed to look after the bike between rides, as he can take it to the Fuller Center for Housing in Americus for transportation to future rides - or at least that’s part of the plan. Eventually, it may appear in the UK 🇬🇧

“Houston, we have a problem!!…..Tim Bruce did not have time to visit the NASA Space Center!”

“He will just have to put that off until next time” - My timings on the next few pictures demonstrates that this was a ‘drive-by shooting of photos’!!

So now I’m now sat in Houston airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta, to then fly to Amsterdam and then, finally, arriving tomorrow morning in Bristol, to be met by Elaine.

I will be starting another adventure towards the end of May 2022, so please join me to be part of the journey but, seriously, I do all of this to help change lives by building and repairing homes. If you have not done so already, please go to my sponsorship page and help me make a difference:

Bless you

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