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Days 47 & 48 - A Steinway to Heaven & Painting a House

Day 47 - My Day Off in Peoria was made all the more enjoyable as I was allowed to go into the sanctuary and play their Steinway Grand Piano which, in the accoustics of the church, sounded absolutely fantastic!

So good in fact that I was once again invited to do a 'concert' on the Sunday evening before we went ten-pin bowling together. I am still not used to a round of applause after playing a song but given that I was joined by nearly half the team, it was encouraging to hear their support. A number of videos and photos of our time together were posted on Facebook as we started to sing together so I am now famous! (Well, not quite!!)

As you all know, I am an expert at ten-pin bowling and I clearly demonstrated my expertise when with my first four bowls I only knocked down an impressive one pin. That's the idea of the game right? To avoid the pins?! (Apparently not!!)

You will be relieved to know that my scoring did improve but not that much as I trailed in near to last! My fortunes did improve in the second game when I came in an impressive third! Just shows what a quick learner I am.... either that, or how inconsistent I am at bowling!! (That was fun! Especially with the team!)

Day 48 - Our 'Build Day' turned out to be one of the most rewarding days as there was plenty for us to do even though we were all working on the same property.

Our task was to repaint the entire outside of an elderly lady's home and garage whilst carrying out some gardening (yard work), which included dealing with a willow tree that had been badly damaged by a previous storm.

We all set about this project with great gusto and by the end of the day we were proud to invite the lady to view her refurbished home. The local media were there too and a number of quotes were attributed to 'Bruce'. I wonder who he was??! Apprarently he was from England too!! (He was also to make an appearance later when we arrived in Cadiz. The Media in America obviously cannot spell Tim)

This is the final blog of the 2019 Bike Adventure but here are some photos of the remainder of the journey.

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