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  • Timothy Bruce

Days 38 & 39 - Nearly arrested and having to keep cool

Day 38 - Today did not start that well as we were told in no uncertain terms that we could have all been arrested and imprisoned for cycling along Interstate/ Highway 80. To be fair to Elliott, our leader, he had only taken us via this route to help avoid the roads that were closed due to flooding. Fortunately the nice police officer pointed us in the right direction and we were able to find alternative roads that were not flooded or where the water had receeded sufficiently for us to make our way through. Flippers and a snorkle were not required!

As you will see from the photos from both days, there was still substantial amounts of water around and the rivers we saw or crossed were at their full height and in some cases did not provide much room before they would burst their banks again. The pictures of flooding would continue for the days to come and we could see how people's livelihoods, businesses and homes had been impacted by the excessive water.

We managed to complete the 91 miles between Kearney and York in Nebraska without to many other incidences but we were aware that temperatures were starting to climb and popping to air-conditioned garages, along with ice cold drinks, started to become necessary to try to combat the increasing heat. Phew! This was not the dry heat of the desert but a humid, sticky heat which seemed to sap your energy if you did not keep yourself well hydrated and as cool as possible.

In the evening, some us ventured into York to try to find a good bar and I tried to order my standard drink from England - cider. Regrettably the waitress did not understand the language I was speaking and brought me a nice bottle of Snyder beer. When I tried to explain the misundestanding, the nice lady brought me another bottle.......of Snyder. I must learn to speak American at some point!!

Day 39 - I awoke feeling rather dizzy along with a headache so not in the best of shape for riding a bike so I sought out some medicine from a sympathetic colleague. I went to breakfast and thought I would, at least, try to ride some of the route and see how things went. By the first rest stop I was fine and was able to make the whole journey.

We again needed avoid the need to go on the main Highways to prevent any arrests but we made good progress along the relatively short ride of 54 mile ride to the state capital, Lincoln, in Nebraska.

With the prospect of a Day Off on the following day was useful carrot to try to complete the ride as quickly as possible. We did encounter some light rain and we rode through Seward where the town hall and square looked as if it was the set for Back to Future. However, many of these similar buildings and squares exist over the whole country and the one from the film was on Univernsal Studios backlot. Hence, I did not see any DeLorean cars parked in the vacinity of my ride.

We gobbled up the road and everyone arrived safely in Lincoln ready for a day off. Well deserved, after viewing innumerable fields of corn and endless roads. However, fields of corn and undulating hills were to become a staple diet for everyone for the coming days!!

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