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Days 3-5 - A turn for the worse

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Okay, we have a few days to deal with here so I’ll try to be brief;

Day 3 left me with a few hours in New Orleans and so I asked the neighbour over the fence from the hotel for some advice on how to make the most of it, Regrettably, that advice was not that forthcoming.

I did make it to the Street with all the art galleries and they did try to sell me the painting below but I couldn’t see how it would fit on the bike, given that it is over 6ft in height and painted on to a board, rather than canvas!

In the afternoon I was collected and then taken to the church in Slidell where all the riders for the first week were gathering. So good to see some folks I knew and then meet new people who are likely to become friends, like Mark & Sandie, Everett, David, Suzanne and Suzanne, Marilyn, Georgia, etc..

A chesty cough was starting to form and I initially thought it might have something to do with a reaction to the cooling temperatures of the air conditioning

Day 4 - First Bike Ride - Slidell to Mandeville

Before I had my breakfast I put on my cycling shoes and helmet and took my new bike out for it’s inaugural ride. Wow!

Another Cheshire Cat grin moment where my face probably said it all! It was pleasure to ride and felt like it was made for me.

By late morning we were underway and everything was going so well until we went on trail where maintenance work was being done and then had to climb over two sets of padlocked gates. Eventually everyone made it over and we made our way to dip our wheels in Lake Ponchatrain to represent the gulf coast and we will do the same when we arrive at the lakes in the north.

We duly arrived at our destination church but all I wanted to do was sleep. Having had a shower, I napped on my bed but when I woke up I was so chilled. It was after dinner and when one of our riders gave us information about slavery and the underground railroad. I thought I needed to see a doctor as the chesty cough was becoming quite violent and my ability to concentrate was not there. I took a Covid test and it proved positive.

Under the terms of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure rules, that meant I needed to leave the ride and self-isolate and that’s where I am now! However, should I recover quickly I could be back on the ride by next weekend. Watch this space!!

Day 5 - Country Inns and Suites by Radison, Covington, Louisiana

What can I tell you about a hotel room? Cream walls, two nominal paintings, a fridge, a safe and a copy of a Gideon’s Bible. What more could a man want?? Part of our commitment on the Fuller Center Bike Adventures is that we ‘live simply so that others can simply live.’ Compared to those still on the ride, my bed is a million times more comfortable but the scenery is pretty limited!!

I will just have to make do and hope that in a few days I will be back on the road but don’t be surprised if you do not see many blogs in the meantime. I’m likely to run out of ideas on what to say about each day in a holel room!!

Sorry to disappoint!

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