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Days 25 & 26 - Speedskating, Waterfalls and Great Lakes

Day 25 - This started with a great surprise as we were joined for the first part of the ride by the USA Speedskating Team on their bikes, rather than their blades. As part of their cross-training they regularly do bike rides and amongst their number was Britany Bowe. Britany is the current world record holder for 1000m and former world champion. She also has eight gold, one silver, and two bronze medals from the world inline speedskating championships. From her junior years, she has another 21 world championship medals. Wow!

(I did feel a tinge of pride that I arrived before her to the first rest stop but this was qwelled when she revealed that she had a puncture on her front tyre).

Our ride today was predominantly on a bike trail but this took us very close to the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls and through some wonderful scenery, which helped disguise the fact that we were climbing our way to Heber City. We also cycled past Deer Creek Reservoir which was used by many boats and locals as a place to cool off.

Day 26 - This was a ride to Roosevelt and was marked by a much cooler day but unfortunately I had dressed on the assumption that it would warm up but initially it never did. By the time we reached the 2nd rest stop after another big climb (8,020ft) and descent I was once again very cold and memories of the hypothermia event came flooding back.

As a result, I climbed into the support vehicle to try warm up again. As my adventure colleagues will confirm, I was fast asleep within minutes of climbing in the van, as vocalised by regular snorts enimating from my direction. After having sat in the van for a short time and recovered by body temperature, I recommenced my ride when we reached the 3rd rest stop so I only lost 21 miles from a 98 mile ride.

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