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Day 9 - Oooh, that's better but ouch!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Today we cycled another 72 miles to reach the eastern side of Washington State (1 down, 15 to go). Again we left early to try to beat the heat and , with tail wind behind us for the first time, everyone made good progress. It was only 12.30pm when I reached the final refreshment stop and only 10 miles or so to go. I then, with the help of my sat nav, cycled through Spokane on my own! Yes, I cycled on the right-hand side of the road through a city and, thankfully, avoided turning the wrong way down a road.

I can't say it was spectular in terms of landscape but I did have my first huckleberry shake and that was great!

I then ended the day by cooking supper for 33 people and managed to not burn the church down! Spaghetti Bolognese, american style! It seemed to go down well, let's hope it doesn't come back too!

Into Idaho tomorrow with a 89mile ride and, yes, if you are concerned for my arse, you are right to be so as I have the beginings of some chaffing. Cream to be applied before we set off tomorrow!! However, once we reach our destination, we have two whole days off the bike.

Boy, does that sound good right now!!

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