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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 8 - My first doubts

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

We set off from Sunnyslopes in the early hours to try to beat the heat as we had 95 miles to go today to reach Wilbur and, yes, another mountain to climb of some 5000 feet.

Things started okay but due to already being tired, I did start to think this was too much and that, maybe, I had taken on too much! My legs seemed to lack any power or rhythm and the going was extremely tough. At points on the climb, I had to walk as discouragement and frustration got the best of me. Eventually, I reached the summit but unlike yesterday, there was no downhill on the other side, just a series of vast landscapes and undulations.

Again temperatures were high and I just had to dig in and grind out the miles. There were few spectacular moments but nothing like the previous day. I did see a Farmer's community hall, as you can see, but little in the way of a community in this vast area of farming where fields stretch to the horizons and dust devils play in the wind.

Enjoy your day!

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1 comentario

17 jun 2019

Thinking of you Tim, cheering you on and sending lots of love from us both - you are AMAZING!!

Me gusta
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