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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 7 - Oh wow! That was truly spectacular!!!

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Today will remain one of the most special days of my life as we travelled through the cascade mountains!! The sun shone, the scenery was beyond beautiful, the company was great and we covered some 74miles in the process.

First we had to climb to 4,061 feet above sea level through the Stevens Pass, which is a ski- resort in the wintertime. Then we travelled down the others side to the accompaniment of rapids, waterfalls and rippling water. Oh, what a joy!!

Then we travelled on to Leavenworth and some amazing Bavarian Architecture that would fit more into the Alps, rather than America, but it was beautiful!

The temperatures were close to or hitting the 90degrees fahrenheit (32 centigrade) when we ended up a church in sunny slope

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