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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 5 - Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go!!

Yes! We are off, with no turning back. Step one, across Seattle to allow us to then head off towards the Rockies and start some major climbing through the valleys. As you will have seen from yesterday's blog, we are close to sea level but on Day 7 we will be cycling past a ski resort. I guess that means some hill climbing on the bikes!!

Today was a short journey of 27miles but that was due to going to church in the morning at Cross & Crown Lutheran Church so we set out after lunch. I was invited by Pastor Glen to play the piano before the meeting started and then once the meeting commenced I joined the congregation.

When then cycled north from Renton to reach Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church which uses its car park during the week to offer commuter parking for shared cars and pool cars. This church is set into the woods and this provides a wonderful peaceful setting.

Hot dogs along with salad with water melon for dinner - Yum! I'm bringing this back to the UK! I had seconds and was tempted to go back again!!

Up into the mountains today!

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