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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 46 - A scourcher, cooled down by air-conditioned garages

Day 46 - Was a day of high temperatures again, touching over 40 degrees C, but it all started out very beautifully as we crossed the Mississippi into Illinois from Iowa. The sun was early rising as we crossed the bridge at Burlington.

The Mississippi was rolling away as if it was waking up to another day of incessant flow, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Probably reflecting how we felt, as we continued our ride to Washington DC. (Oh, groan! Here we go again!!)

Having arrived in Illinois, I was slightly anticipating that the landscape might change but once again we were treated to loads of fields of corn and soy beans but, at least, one farmer had a sense of humour!!

As the ride continued, so the temperatures started to rise and in order to keep cool we would pop into petrol (gas) stations where they would have air conditioners running full blast. We started to guage our ride about these garages, rather than the 'official rest stops' so we could go in for an ice cream, fill up with ice cubes into our drinking bottles and buy additional cool drinks.

Eventually, we rolled into Peoria with the prospect of a Day Off, followed by a Build Day so the same sleeping arrangement for 3 full nights. This was really felt like luxurious living!!

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1 Comment

Aug 08, 2019

Hi Tim,

I am having a quick read of all your posts, glad you are nearly there and all in one piece. I look forward to seeing you here and hearing lawn mower buzzing on Thursday. I am allowing a day in bed for wednesday. See you soon and well done, sarah and mike.

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