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Day 4 - Changing things one pedal at a time

We have put on our cycling clothes and done our first ride today and started to operate as a team on the road. Just a simple 34 miles to the Seattle Needle and back to the church hall in Renton which will be our base until tomorrow (Sunday) when the 'waggons roll' and we head out on the trans-america adventure.

This gave us the chance to make sure the bikes and equipment were all operating correctly and that we provided each other with plenty of space and not crowd one another and cause accidents.

Some of the scenery is truly spectacular and the sea/ the Pacific plays a major role in this, as can be seen from the following pictures.

Boats and planes can be seen everywhere and could represent transport to work. Boeing are based here too and they have their own airport which they share with the military, then there are municipal airports too.

We have a mix of experience and speeds within the group but no apparent speed merchants, which is just as well for me. I was able to be near the front of the groups I joined and did not feel out of my depth. This was a great relief as I was a little apprehensive beforehand as many of the group have done rides on a number of occasions. All that hill climbing around the Mendips has paid dividends! (Thanks to Somer Valley Cycling Club)

Regrettably, my Garmin Sat Nav for my bike seems to have struggled with the route we put in so we are trying to sort that out. So no information on Strava so far.

It has been great to stay in the church hall in Renton as there has been a piano for me to play and my playing (so far) has not upset the other riders too much. In fact Glen, the pastor of the church, has invited me to play at the meeting this Sunday morning, which is a great privilege and a massive encouragement to me. As Elaine put it in a facebook message: "It's a set up!!"

(Just for information, I may not be able to keep up my daily bogs up as some of the places we stay may not have access to the internet but I will do my best to keep you all on board)

Have a nice day!!

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