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Day 3 - Meeting up with the Team

Packing up my things to now meet up with my fellow cyclists and the support team. Goodbye Quality Inn, Renton. Hello to Cross and Crown Lutheran Church, Renton. This was where we finally all met up and introduced ourselves and went through some of the basic team rules and agreed that 5-star hotel accommodation was not going to be practical or affordable for the tour.

It is so good to see Mike and Terri Brown from Arizona. It's all their fault! They are the ones who made me aware of this charity ride and then the Lord lit a fire in me to join them. Here I am now 5 months on since that decision and I've come some 1,500 training miles on my bike and some 4,800 miles by plane to be ready for this adventure.

Good to also finally meet Dan Sheridan from Ohio, who has done some of this ride before and has offered good support and encouragment. Like me, he will be going the full distance this time so perhaps I will have the opportunity to encourage him too. Thank you Dan for also promoting this blog on my website.

It is quite amazing the response you see on people's faces or in what they say when I tell them about the proposed cycle ride;

A combination of:

- "You fool! Do you really know what you are doing?!!"

- "Wow, That's amazing! I'm so jealous!"

- "That's incredible! Well done and for such a great cause!"

- "Have you ever considered jumping out of a plane or bungy jumping? It might to simpler!!"

- "Where can I go to contribute?"

- "Can I follow you or track your progress on the web?"

- "Where is the nearest asylum?!"

I can't wait to get started so unpacked and assembled my bike and preparing it for the proposed ride to the Seattle Needle to officially start the ride tomorrow.

If you are reading this and have not yet contributed any sponsorship to the housing charity, it is not too late to do so. Please click on the link below:

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