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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 29 - Is it a Strimmer or a Weed Wacker?? Yes, its both!!

Day 29 was a 'Build Day' and I was allocated to a team lead by Dan & Cindy Hepp from Ohio to work on Scotty's place. No, not the engineer/actor from Star Trek with a bad Scotish accent, but a wonderful 86 year old lady who had raised numerous kids in her home, including both her own and adopted children. Scotty had only recently been discharged from hospital after 6 months and the first thing she told us about was the accident she had had in her car and the dangers of long distance driving without a break.

My job was to use the 'Weed Wacker', or 'Strimmer' as it is called in England, to clear much of the long grass that was located around the property. This I did for much of the day and I was fine for the first few hours until Jonathan Barringer reminded me to watch out for snakes!! Suddenly my mind set was changed and there was an element of concern as there are plenty of stories about 'snakes in the long grass'! Fulfilling and frightning at the same time!

At lunchtime we moved into Scotty's home and she told us about herself and the creatures that frequented her 17 acres of land including Elk and Moose. It was fasinating to listen to her stories and listen to a real bit of american life through the eyes of this 86 year old. You simply would not encounter this by being an english tourist but by serving this lady and helping her turn round her property, we were treated to some great tales, amidst gaining her trust and we respecting her life stories.

We really enjoyed our day at this property and hope that Scotty can continue to enjoy her home for years to come.

This bike adventure continues to reveal real life stories that are both enriching and touching, as well as informative to the American way of life and culture. Thanks Scotty!!

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