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Day 2 - Ticking off the Bucket List

About 15 years ago, when I was working for Bristol City Council, we heard from a Management Consultant about the Seattle Fish Market which had turned it's fortune around from being seen as a smelly, unpopular type of work, to becoming a tourist attraction and driven by the desire to have fun at work. We were all given a book called 'Fish' and watched a video about transforming the workplace to have fun.

Today I met Jaison Scott, one of the workers who clubbed together and bought up the failing market area and we spoke about the need to enjoy the work environment and to work with passion. I watched as fish flew through the air between workers, including a 400lbs sea salmon! The displays in the market place were beautiful and attracted you to the merchandise. Given that I'm in the States for another couple of months, I didn't buy anything to take home! It might become rather stinky!!

From there I walked to T Mobile Park, the home of the Seattle Mariners baseball team where, having bought a ticket for the game against the Houston Astros, I became an honoury member of the Fan Club and given a certificate and a complimentary Baseball Cap!

The baseball cap was in recognition of my charity efforts and the fact that I did not have any head protection!

I have wanted to go to a baseball game since watching the film 'Field of Dreams', which is still one of my favourite films. To me the film is a parable about faith and adventuring in that faith to see the most amazing things take place, as well as reconciliation.

Walking around the stadium and seeing the fun and family atmosphere was terrific. Watching on the TV some of the things that happen at the game can feel a little strange and kooky but once you are there you are rather drawn into the atmosphere which is good fun and well natured. Loads of smiles and laughter. During the game, there was the prospect of rain, so they just rolled out the roof and the game continued uninterupted by the poor weather, which had cleared up by the end of the game. And it was a long and close game which the Mariners eventally lost in the 14th innings despite coming so close to winning it themselves.

During my time at the stadium I had a few encounters including Jan O'Brien (not to be confused with Janet O'Brien, from Wiltshire Council) who has been a long-time Mariners fan, one person who was serving at a bar who wanted to make a donation for the charity ride and the guy sat in front of me for the most of the game. Initially Gerald and I did not make much conversation but once we did, it was amazing! The things that we had in common were amazing: A shared faith, A shared passion for providing affordable homes, We had both lost our fathers recently, We both had 4 children, etc. etc. We exchanged contact details as we wanted to keep in contact with each other as he said he would value my input about affordable housing and managing an existing stock of homes.

Home on the bus and then try to sleep after ordering and eating a pizza. (some of it is still in the fridge!) Plus I did buy a bag of 'Chips' for obvious reasons (I'm not extra thick and crunchy but I'm original!).

However, I'm writing this blog at 4.30am so I think it is pretty clear that I'm still suffering from some jet lag but, once we start cycling on Sunday, this should make thing easier as the excitement is still too much!!

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Jun 08, 2019

Good luck Tim, I have logged on and ready to view from the comfort of the studio. Meanwhile we have had lots of rain and your grass is growing.


Jun 07, 2019

Great to catch up with you, Tim. Looking forward to some more. Blessings, Sue and Chris :-)

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