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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 19 - Seeing an old faithful geyser!

Today was a day off for the team and the chance to visit one of the over 2,000 National Parks in America. An annual pass to all these parks costs $80 unless you are part of or linked to the US Military, in which case, it is free! If you are aged over 62 years old, for the same $80, you can obtain a lifetime pass. When you compare this to membership of the National Trust and/or English Heritage back in Britain, this looks and is extremely generous by the US administration and attracts many millions of visitors each year.

Yellowstone National Park obtains its fame from the numerous geothermal features, the large variety of wildlife, including bison, elk, moose, bears, wolfs to name but a few, and the variety of the landscape including plains, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. To be honest, with so much to see, a day trip did not give justice to the Park. A week would be more effective and allow you to fully absorb all the features and animals to be seen.

Nevertheless, Jeff Bracken, David & Beth Erquhart and I saw so much that pictures probably say so much more than words. Others in the team saw loads of things and so these photos are a conglomeration of numerous members from the team. Enjoy!!!

Yellowstone National Park - Thank you, you have provided me with many memories!! To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger - "I'll be back!" (I hope!!!)

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