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Day 13 – Out of Idaho & into Montana

Just when I was thinking that the beauty of America could not get any better, we started our journey into Montana, but you could say, “Tim, you should have known better”, as the first town we were headed for in Montana was ‘Superior’!!

Yep, more mountains, more forests, more rivers, more feasts for the eyes, more brakes applied to stop the bike to take photos but then, a strange event; rain and cold temperatures. For a short time, I was back in England again!!

Whilst I have been sucking in the sun and my skin changing colour since I arrived on 5th June, my wife has been donning her winter coat and being soaked by the torrential rain back in England, especially whilst she has been walking our dog, Hank, who also got soaked too. However, Hank getting wet is his specialist skill, as you can see!!

Suddenly, Elaine and I were sharing the same weather and I required a much-needed hot coffee to warm me as Susan Pratt and I were the ‘sweepers’ for the day. This meant that we cycled at the back of the group ride to make sure everyone was okay and not lost on the route. As this was a 75mile ride, there were three planned refreshment stops and by the time we reached the third stop, the majority of the people were quite damp and cold from the impact of the thunder and rain. Even an Englishman, like me, does get cold and wet whilst cycling and I was really grateful to go inside and have a coffee. The gift shop at St. Regis was a very welcome break and selling anything you could possibly want to celebrate Montana and so much more besides.

As we were only some 16 miles from our destination, everyone was offered the chance to shuttle in one of the support vehicles to our proposed base and a number of people took up this offer. However, Susan and I came out refreshed from our coffee break and the weather was starting to brighten up so we decided to cycle the last few miles and fulfil our sweeper duties and ensure everyone reached the base in Superior. In fact, when we arrived, the sun was out again and we were both dry. Events did mean that we arrived a little late for our evening meal but there was more than enough left for us which was provided by the people from the church where we were staying overnight. I was most at home, sleeping next to the piano in the church!!

Since I have arrived in America, I have also looked to see if there was a piano to play in every location, so that I can conduct a national survey of pianos on my journey across the States…..only joking!! As my family will confirm, I am magnetic to pianos and I look for every opportunity to play! So far, my playing seems to be appreciated by the cycling group and a number have purchased copies of my CDs. Some have made videos and posted these so until I empty the room or people complain, I aim to continue to play. If anyone reading this blog wants to sample some of my music, please go to the store or sample pages on this website. (

The same people from the church in Superior also catered for us on the previous evening also provided breakfast and sent us on our way the following day. Freshly made pancakes – Yum!!

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1 Comment

Jun 22, 2019

"...and then she asks me; do I look alright? And I say; darling, you look wonderful tonight..."

Yes stay as close to the pianos that you can.

I like you, Tim.

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