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Day 12 of the Tour (Sulphur) and making a home safer for a family in need

Today was another opportunity to bless some families as all the biker riders and support team became labour resources to help repair and improve homes. There were three options: Staining a disabled access ramp, painting a home and repairing, insulating and dry-walling (plaster boarding) a home. I chose to go to the repair property as there were children living in the home and it was not that safe for them as the majority of the home was a building site.

Having been trained in construction & site safety, I immediately took it upon myself to walk around the property and identify any dangers or hazards. There were plenty, so I immediately set about clearing up the areas around the property, including removing a number of shattered mirrors with sharp shards of glass. We created a clear working area at the front of the property and made sure that unnecessary items were moved to a large dumpster (skip) at the side of the property. Essentially, there were two teams; one working inside on the insulation and dry-walling and another outside repairing the structure to the side of the building which had been severely damaged by termites and the storms.

I chose to work outside and work with Don & Chuck on the side of the building which meant propping the building whilst we removed rotten timbers and then placing in new treated timbers to carry the load of the side wall, bearing on to concrete blocks. Finally, we protected the exposed wall structure with plastic sheeting prior to new siding (cladding) being put on. I really enjoyed working with Murphy, Don and Chuck to get this done and the building was so much more stable once we finished. The guys inside were still working on the kitchen but the insulation was completed when we finished for the day but everyone was pleased with the progress we had made in just a few hours. Amazing what teamwork can achieve if everyone remains focused and there is good leadership.

What was lovely was spending some time with some of the kids as we were finishing and one of the little girls picked me a wild flower to say thank you for all that we had done.♥️

Great job by the team working on the staining!!

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