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  • Timothy Bruce

Day 1&2 of the Britain Tour (19th & 20th May)

Day 1 of the tour consisted a ride down from the Mendips on to the Somerset Levels and then a visit to the beautiful City of Wells, before the long climb back home.

The drop on to the levels from the Mendips was both spectacular and fast! Then, once on the levels I had to trust my phone's Sat Nav to guide me towards Wedmore and then Glastonbury.

I was aiming for Sweets Cafe, as they were operating a 'drive thru' for cyclists and found that they were not open on Mondays and Tuesdays. Regrettably, today was Tuesday 19th May!!

I then made my way to Wells where the tourists were missing!

Day 2 consisted of short 24.5 mile ride closer to home

Here are some of the postcards I am sent by the organisers of the Britain tour:

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