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  • Timothy Bruce

Continuing the Britain Tour and Global Home Challenge (31st May - 3rd June)

31st May - Another local ride to clock up 19.35 miles using a very familiar route

1st June - Similar to the above but extended to make 23.26 miles

2nd June - I cycled out towards the village of Priddy on the Mendip Hills, which is rewarded with some spectacular views and a lovely village green, then back home to clock up 20.53 miles

3rd June - My car had to go into the garage for a service and the annual test (MOT) so I packed my bike into the car and whilst the garage did their stuff, I cycled 41.5 miles.

Today, saw our first rain in weeks but it was light and not what the farmers and gardens needed. Everything could do with a right, good soaking at the moment, but not while I'm on my bike!! I was damp, rather than wet when I returned to the garage and having done an average speed of 14.5mph, I had to wait for the car to be finished. I am obviously building up the power in my legs and my average speeds has been steadily increasing. Add to that I have also lost about 8lbs in weight, some narrower trousers may be needed soon!

I rode back through some of the areas I covered in my recent century ride but there was no-one on the beaches, due to the damp conditions and the traffic was considerably reduced. Many work vans and delivery vehicles, together with only a few other cyclists.

Update on Postcards: - due to the additional +100 miles, I have three for you covering Oxford, Stratford -upon-Avon and Coventry.

Totals so far: Tour of Britain = 438.2 miles - (40%)

Global Home Challenge = 207.1 miles

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