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  • Timothy Bruce

Back on USA soil šŸ‡ŗšŸ‡ø

Well after a full day of travelling I finally touched down in Georgia, back on the American soil.

Why is it that my case is always one of the last to make it to the carrousel?! Iā€™m sure you never experience this feeling! Almost an hour and half after touchdown I made it out of the terminal to meet up with my friend Mark Murphy.

We drove back to his house and, after a beer, I headed for the sack. It was about 11.00pm local time but about 4.00am my time. Unsurprisingly it did not take much time for the eyes to close.

Woke up to a couple of good sized coffees, to bring back my senses back online.

Travelling south shortly to Americus, to the headquarters of the Fuller Center later, so more to follow later šŸ˜€

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