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Back on the bike again!

So having had a day off, it was time to climb on the bike and ride firstly to Baton Rouge, the state capital of Louisiana (7th March). This was a relatively short ride of 39miles and upon arrival we took turns to be shuttled to the YMCA for showers. I rather liked the understated downtown area of Baton Rouge where there were no real ostentatious buildings shouting, “Look at me! Don‘t I look massive and imposing!”

The following day (8th March) was the big ride of the tour where I clocked up my first century of the year with just over 100miles on the day. I rode with the leader of the tour Neil Mullikin as we swept behind everyone to make sure that there were no people struggling or lagging behind. Initially, we needed to cross the Mississippi and needed to be shuttled over the bridge as no bicycles are allowed on the bridge

Neil & I were not helped by the need to change my rear tyre after I skidded and a great chunk of rubber came off. Then I had a flat on the front tyre so this set us back!! Having ridden some of the roads in Louisiana, I have to say that my feelings about the poor condition of the roads in England have been slightly tempered. They were pretty bad and difficult to ride and it didn’t help that the last 20 or so miles were into a headwind too. Nevertheless Neil & I escorted the final two riders into to church in Eunice just as the daylight was starting to fade. That was a tough and exhausting day but great to get to know Neil a bit more.

The day after the century ride (9th March) we rode from Eunice to Sulphur and I rode with Tiffany Ellis from the Fuller Center for Housing. Tiffany will be leading the ride in the summer, when we both cycle from the Gulf Coast in the south to the lakes in the North, along the Underground Railroad (27th May to 26th June 2022). It was a delight to talk with her and we both look forward to more cycling together in the summer. Unfortunately my Garmin only recorded 69miles of the total 78miles, as the battery died, however, this was an improvement on the 46miles recorded on Tiffany’s Garmin.

Tomorrow will be another Build day

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