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  • Timothy Bruce

4 States in 4 Days

Well we started in Florida, then we rode through Alabama, Mississippi and today we arrived in Louisiana, where we will for a few days. We have our sixth day of riding tomorrow and then we start working on some properties for a few days - ie: no cycling!! So certain parts of our anatomy will be given a few days to recover! Not giving too much away but my bike seat will also have a rest!!

Today‘s ride was due to be just under 84 miles but a burst rear tyre 9 miles from home curtailed my ride today, not before I crossed the state line.

A few miles further down the rode my ride came to an abrupt end as I was crossing yet another bridge but this was only a two lane bridge and I had a car behind me when my rear tyre disappeared. Rather scary!!

Early in the ride we had another spectacular bridge to cross where we needed to double back to go up on the left hand side of the bridge.

I cycled over the bridge with Neil, David and Karen and as we progressed through the town we encountered evidence of the Mardi Gras celebrations with brightly coloured beads

We also spent quite some time cycling alongside the wonderful beaches but this was after I had completely missed the first refreshment stop!

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