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2 days of Building before a day off in Hammond

Whilst there has been no cycling for the last two days, i cannot say that they have been relaxing but, hopefully, that comes tomorrow with a free day. I have working on Jackie and Bishop’s home which was hit by two trees, one at the front and the other to the rear, when Hurricane Ida struck in August 2021.

Most of the damage was to the rear, where two rooms were destroyed, and their car, however, they have remained in their home.

When we turned up the frame for the two back rooms had been completed but the roof still needed to be repaired, although a patch was carried out as rain was dripping into their bedroom. So our task was to strip and prepare the roof for new felt shingles and to enclose the rear rooms with cladding. My job was also to check the site and make it safer, especially after someone stood on a piece of wood with nails in.

Some of the folks on the bike ride are well used to working on buildings with the Fuller Center for Housing and there was Alan, employed by the Fuller Center, to help coordinate disaster relief works to help focus our efforts. So we worked together with some students from a college in Georgia, try to make a difference in 2 days.

David and Diane Maidt worked with others on the roof to that it was stripped, the decking repaired, sealed and covered with tarpaulins as rain is expected tomorrow. All that needs to be fitted now are the new felt shingles, which we stacked ready for fitting. Much appreciated by Jackie & Bishop.

Now it’s time to rest up and have a day off before climbing on the bikes again.

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Well done Tim and team, enjoy your day off 😊

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